These Swiss scientists are the best in the world

Influencers are actually Instagram or Tiktok stars and have many followers. There is also something similar in science. Science “influencers” are scientists and their research and
The results are cited by other scientists around the world. The American analysis firm Clarivate identifies the world’s most influential scientists each year by cross-referencing nearly 160,000 publications from 21 fields in the natural and social sciences. In the end, the works cited most frequently include only 0.05 percent.

Switzerland participates, in the top ten worldwide – even if it is “only” in tenth place after the USA, China, England and others. However: With 102 researchers on the list, small Switzerland is impressive, we make up 1.5 percent of the most important scientists worldwide. They work on things as diverse as infectious diseases, nanotechnology, and photovoltaics. We bring you three of the most cited.

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