June 14, 2024

These health benefits are provided by the healing practice of oleic acid

Olive oil has many uses in nutrition to enhance the flavor of meals. The oleic acid it contains appears to offer several health benefits. (Photo: Dushan Zidar/stock.adobe.com)

How does oleic acid affect health?

When it comes to the health benefits of consuming olive oil, its effect has been included oleic acid So far I hardly noticed. However, this fatty acid plays a major role in many aspects of health. New research has now summarized the beneficial effects of oleic acid on the body.

In a recent study involving experts from University of Seville Study how the oleic acid found in olive oil affects the body and health. The results were published in the English-language journalNutrientspublished.

Oleic acid is one of the main components of olive oil

The health benefits of consuming olive oil have been mainly reported so far Polyphenols attributed. However, little attention has been paid to one component of olive oil, the so-called oleic acid.

olive oil too 70 to 80 percent Manal Healthy fatty acids And oleic acid is the most common, according to the researchers Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) in Human Nutrition. It can be taken in through nutrition, but it can also be formed through internal synthesis.

Does oleic acid prevent Alzheimer’s disease?

Oleic acid is the main monounsaturated fatty acid in the human circulatory system, and it is also present in the brain, where it has a beneficial effect on the brain. Psychological health It seems to have an effect. For example, it has already been proven that people who have it depressive disorders and Alzheimer’s disease contain much less oleic acid.

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Oleic acid has antioxidant properties

In a research paper, the team explains that oleic acid serves primarily as an energy molecule and as an important component of cell membranes, and is also known for its antioxidant properties. press release. In addition to synthesizing antioxidant enzymes, fatty acids can directly regulate their activity.

Oleic acid reduces cholesterol absorption

Also, oleic acid has a The effect of hypocholesterolemia. This means that it can inhibit the expression of proteins involved in translocation cholesterol connected. that reduce Cholesterol absorption Thus preventing atherosclerosis.

Oleic acid can prevent cancer

In addition, oleic acid is also called anti-cancer molecule They are classified because they can prevent overexpression of oncogenes and their effects on apoptosis, the team said. In addition, oleic acid appears Anti-inflammatory For work, which is still controversial among experts.

Oleic acid for the treatment of obesity

A derivative of oleic acid (Oloylethanolamide) has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and has been suggested for the treatment of obesity.

In addition, it seems that oleic acid is also called Mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance (direct changes in DNA and DNA-binding proteins) and the effect on the modulation of the immune system, which is due in particular to the regulation of Cells are involved in inflammation It was due to.

Does olive oil make the Mediterranean diet so healthy?

Olive oil provides the main fat content for health Mediterranean diet And she is theirs Most featured nutrients. So the oil can play an essential role in the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

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For example, the Mediterranean diet is known to protect against cardiovascular disease via the gut microbiota Weight loss support It even relieves symptoms of depression.

More research is needed

The team adds that most of the studies on the effects of olive oil to date have been conducted on animals. Therefore, more studies are needed to determine the beneficial properties of this molecule and its derivative, oleolethanolamide, in humans. (like)