May 23, 2024

These cities are what our readers find disappointing


“Soulless” and “dirty” – these cities let you down

We have presented the overrated cities in order. Your comments show that there are plenty of other destinations that disappointed you on your city getaway.


Not everyone loves Los Angeles: One user comments that the destination has no soul.

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Whether it’s the highly touristy backpacker spot on Bangkok’s Khao San Road or the London Eye Ferris wheel in the British capital – few cities and their attractions have left travelers particularly disappointed. which was particularly bad You can read in this week’s ranking.

Your comments showed that there are many other cities that you didn’t like at all. We let the community have their say.

Dublin is a dirty city.

“I found Dublin dirty. It was dirty everywhere – both in restaurants and in the streets. We were also told we could pay in euros or pounds sterling on the spot. But it’s not true at all, we could only pay in euros, and pounds were refused at everywhere “. – Marijoli

“Everything seems sterile in Berlin”

“Personally, I was disappointed in Berlin. The city seems lifeless, lifeless and sterile.” – Klausclaus

Zurich has lost its charm.

“Zurich should also be in this ranking! The city has lost a lot of its charm. Especially when it comes to nightlife for people over 30.” – Andrey

Los Angeles has no soul.

Los Angeles – a city without a soul. – Hoymen

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“Prague and Cologne are not two distinct cities”

“Prague is too much for me, with very dirty streets and nothing special. I liked Bratislava’s old town much better. But Cologne doesn’t have much to offer other than a cathedral and an ice hockey stadium. Unlike Berlin, where I can spend weeks.” – Dasishdamoldovangsi

“There are much nicer places in Florida than Miami.”

I can confirm that Miami – as it is in the ranking – is overrated. And I didn’t feel safe there either. There are much nicer places in Florida. Especially on the western side on the Gulf of Mexico.” — Luegislandhellbuehl

Without Japanese it would be difficult in Tokyo.

“Tokyo is the most wonderful city. But if you don’t know Japanese, it becomes difficult because very few locals speak English or other foreign languages.” – I Love Japan

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

“It always depends on what you’re looking for – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what I really find bad about are the popular holiday resorts in the North Adriatic, including the polluted waters.” – Ninobosch

But now we want to know the opposite: which cities and landmarks surprised you in a particularly positive way?

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