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On Wednesday, Marlene Roeser will win Switzerland’s sixth medal at the 2021 Olympics. On Thursday, the focus will be mainly on tennis and artistic gymnastics.

The basics in brief

  • After the mountain bike victory, Switzerland is also celebrating a medal in road racing.
  • On Thursday, Heidi Diethelm Gerber stepped in with a 25-meter sports revolver.
  • Three Swiss swimmers are competing for the finals.
  • Belinda Bencic can definitely get two medals with two wins.
  • Julia Stingruber makes her last Olympic appearance in the all-around final.

The sixth day of the 2021 Olympics is already on the agenda. He won six medals Swiss national team collected so far.

Many Swiss will return to service again on Thursday. Main hopes in tennis. Belinda Pensic He fights in both singles and doubles for a place in the final. And with a medal.

On the sixth day of the Olympics 2021:

02:00 am: Women’s shooting, 25m sports pistol, qualification

Swiss women: Heidi Diethelm Gerber competes in Tokyo in her show. In Rio, the 52-year-old won the bronze medal at this distance. Rehabilitation increases on Thursday.

02:00 am: Women’s rowing, double rowing boats, final B

Swiss women: Patricia Merz and Frederic Rolle missed the final. In the “mini final,” the two are looking for a good spot in the lightweight for two men.

3 o’clock: Women’s Beach Volleyball, Preliminary Round

Swiss women: Joanna Heydrich and Anouk-Verger Debre won their first two group matches. The duo is already in the round of 16 ahead of schedule. Against world champion Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana Paredes of Canada, it’s all about winning the group.

From 3 am: Women and men in the quarter-finals

The Swiss: For the first time, BMX stars will also meddle in the 2021 Olympics. Quarterfinals in the discipline race are on the program on Thursday.

In the men’s race, David Graf and Simone Marquardt are Swiss players. In the women’s category, Zoé Claessens competes for the semi-finals.

3.30 am: Women rowing, skiff, semi-finals

Swiss women: Janine Jemlin fights for a place in the final. Skiffer is currently in strong shape in Tokyo. The medal is also the stated goal of Ustermerin.

4:11 am: Men’s swimming, 200m backstroke, semi-finals

The Swiss: Roman Mityukov is definitely one of the outsiders in this contest. The swimmer’s final qualification would be a sensation.

04:54 AM: Women’s swim, 200m breaststroke, semi-finals

Swiss women: Lisa Mammy barely made it to the semi-finals. Qualifying for the final will also be a huge success for the Zurich resident.

05.08: Men’s Swimming, 200m medley, Semi-finals

The Swiss: It’s the big hope for a Swiss medal in swimming at the 2021 Olympics: Jeremy DeBlanche. The 200m medley is his showpiece, so final qualification can be expected. Displanches himself set the precious metal as a target.

7 am: canoe women, meander The Canadians, semi-finals

Swiss women: The fact that Alina Marx even reached the semi-finals can already be celebrated as a success. The young woman from Bern is one of Thursday’s blatant outsiders. The final match will be held at 8:55 am.

8 am: Women’s tennis, singles, semi-finals

Swiss women: Belina Pencik (Women’s Tennis Association 12) Masked in Tokyo across the board. If Flauilin wins in the semi-finals against Jelena Rybakina (Women’s Tennis Association 20) from Kazakhstan, she has a sure medal.

Rybakina is eight places below Bencic in the world rankings. So the chances of winning the next Swiss medal are good!

8:20 am: Windsurfing Men, Races 10th-12th

The Swiss: Windsurfing Mathieu Sanz Lans has pulled back a bit after a solid start in Tokyo. Run 10-12 in the program on Thursdays.

11 oclock: Women’s tennis, doubles, semi-finals

Swiss women: Also in doubles Belinda Pensic in the semi-finals. Together with Viktorjia Golubic (Women’s Tennis Association 49) She fights for precious metals.

How many medals will Bencic win at the Olympics?

In the semi-finals against the Brazilian duo Laura Begosi and Luisa Stefani. The two eliminated fourth seed Mattek-Sands/Pegula of the United States in three sets.

12.15 pm: Women’s artistic gymnastics, overall final

Swiss women: Julia Stingruber Most likely it has nothing to do with the medals in the all-around final. However: for eastern Switzerland, it could be the last Olympic appearance ever. There you will aim for the cap again.

12:59 PM: Men’s Swimming, 100m Butterfly, Preliminary

The Swiss: Noe Ponte missed the final for the 200m Dolphin. It would have been the first Swiss final at the Olympics since 2008. In the lead up to the 100m butterfly, the youngster can certainly hope for the semi-finals.

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