May 18, 2024

These Are The Best TDK Distributors For Europe - Distribution / Strategy & Trends - Elektroniknet

These Are The Best TDK Distributors For Europe – Distribution / Strategy & Trends – Elektroniknet

TDK honored Europe’s Best Distribution Partners for the eighth time with the TDK European Distribution Award 2020. But this time, there were fewer winners than in previous years.

The gold award in the “High Service Dealer” category went to Mouser Electronics. As in the previous year, Rutronik was honored in the “Global Distributors” category, and the best domestic distributor was the Austrian EPi Components.

Only two other awards were given this time, in the “Local Distributors” category: silver went to Gateway Electronic Components in Great Britain and bronze went to AVIS KS in Slovakia.

“In the past year, during the shutdowns and especially in the period that followed, we have seen distributor stocking as an important factor in customer satisfaction,” says Dietmar Jaeger, Head of Global Distributors at TDK. “That’s why we increased our requirements and this year we haven’t been able to deliver as many awards as we would have liked.”

The recovery in global business was already evident at the end of 2020, followed by a massive recovery and a huge rise in demand for TDK products in 2021, Jaeger says. Mouser Electronics in particular has been able to meet the sharp rise in demand and thus best meet the award criteria.

“This award means a lot to us, especially when you understand the Japanese meaning of Senten Manten as a perfect result,” said Mark Burr-Lonnon, senior vice president of global services, EMEA and APAC business at Mouser Electronics. “We are incredibly proud. I would like to thank the teams at Mouser and TDK for working so hard to achieve this milestone.”

The annual evaluation of distribution partners is based on TDK’s Senten Manten program. The Japanese term refers to the ideal score, which is achieved with 1,000 points. Award registration is based on distributors’ performance and collaboration with TDK in four categories: Business Development, Inventory Management, Terms of Contract and Operational Excellence.

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