September 30, 2023

"There was an error."  Nadal throws his opponents Sonego away for the controversial act.

“There was an error.” Nadal throws his opponents Sonego away for the controversial act.

Lorenzo Sonego and Rafael Nadal have a lot to discuss on the net.

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As it gets dark at Wimbledon, a heated final stage between Rafael Nadal and Lorenzo Sonego begins. The Spaniard even allows himself to stand apart from an act he will later regret.

Rafael Nadal has not been challenged against Lorenzo Sonego for long. The Spaniard quickly won the first two sets 6:1 and 6:2. With nightfall, things get a little more complicated for Nadal at the end of the game.

Sonego finds its way to better and better. He celebrates his winning point emotionally, once he cheers before he finishes the rally. When light conditions become more challenging, the Italian also advocates closing the roof early. And once again, his blows were accompanied by a moan that could not be heard.

Nadal asks Sonego to go online

Rafael Nadal doesn’t seem to like it at all. When the Spaniard gave up his first serve game under a closed roof after a short break and conceded the equalizer to make it 4:4 in the third set, Rafa approached the referee and complained. Then the 36-year-old called his younger opponent to Grid and gave him a short lecture. The baffling Italian look speaks volumes.

What did Nadal criticize about his counterpart’s behavior? “There were things that happened during the match and I don’t want to go into details here because we talked about them in the dressing room,” the world number four said in the press conference. Exactly no matter what Nadal’s problem is, he has been criticized for his actions. “Rafa should have just spoken to the referee. You don’t contact your opponent on the grid,” says BBC expert Martina Navratilova.

Then Sonego immediately loses momentum, immediately accepts the next break and a little later the match. Nadal noticed that, too. “I’m very sorry if I upset him. I just wanted to tell him something, but I did it in a nice way – and now I feel bad,” the 22-time Grand Slam winner apologized to the winner on the court.

However, Sonego explained at the press conference: “A player shouldn’t call his opponent to the net. You can’t do that at Wimbledon. Nadal should have just spoken to the referee. She distracted me.” Sonego won only three points after the unexpected exchange on the net.

Nadal, who is considered a very honest athlete, once again showed his insight at the press conference: “I shouldn’t have invited him to the network. I apologize for that. It was a mistake and I’ll admit it. It was never intended to annoy him “, regrets the Spaniard who met Dutchman Butique Van De Zandschulp in the Round of 16 on Monday.