May 23, 2024

lets sing 2022

There are also German songs

Karaoke party continues: Let’s Sing 2022 announced. Source: Ravenscourt, Voxler

Ravenscourt and Voxler with us today Let’s sing 2022 Announcing the latest installment in the popular karaoke series. Let’s Sing 2022 is set for November 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. With the release of PlayStation 5, Let’s Sing will also debut for the new generation of consoles. Of course, the title will also be playable on Xbox Series X | S.

In Let’s Sing 2022, all aspiring amateur singers and party singers can become real stars. The latest release of Singspiel will once again offer a bloated playlist with many songs. This includes not only hip classics and world map shows, but a number of German titles as well.

The playlist offers entertaining songs for all the popular music lovers. In addition to titles like “Stupid Love” by Lady Gaga and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by Backstreet Boys, there are also Clueso with “Tanzen”, Nico Santos with “Rooftop”, SEEED with “Hale-Bopp” and LEA with “Staircase” and Max Giesinger with “Wenn she tanzt” on the 35-song playlist.

In addition to the entertaining playlist with original music videos, players can look forward to eight game modes: Legend, Classic, Mix Tape 2.0, Jukebox, Playlist Creator, and Feat. and World Contest and Let’s Party. You can either compete alone or with up to eight players. The Legends special game mode for single players offers 16 opponents, 3 basic challenges and a final battle against each opponent. This is about getting to the top of the charts.

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Let’s Sing 2022 Movie Playlist Trailer

Here you can watch the teaser video Let’s sing playlist 2022:

So you can play along

Let’s Sing is a hip party game that makes it easy for players to take part in the lively singing challenge. If you don’t have a microphone handy, you can use the Let’s Sing Microphone app to turn your smartphone into a microphone.

PS4: Max 4 smartphones or 2 USB microphones + 2 headphones or 2 USB microphones + 2 SingStar microphones

PS5: Max 4 smartphones or 3 USB microphones + 2 headphones (SingStar microphones are not supported)

Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S: Max 4 smartphones, 2 USB microphones and 2 headphones

Nintendo Switch: Max 4 smartphones, 2 USB microphones and 1 headphone

Order and shop online

Players can compete against players from all over the world in the online leaderboard. Additional songs are available in the online store, so there for example Best 90And Party Classics And much more.

Let’s sing 2022 game modes

Legend: In the single player mode, players sing alone on the karaoke throne. All you need is your microphone, collect stars and gradually beat the competition to show who deserves the spotlight more.

classic: Players can start a real karaoke party alone or with friends in this classic Let’s Sing mode. Whoever hits the correct pitch gets the most points. And especially special people may be able to break the highest scores and rise themselves to the top of the global leaderboard.

Mix Tip 2.0: In this mode, you mix songs to create your own unique mixtapes. Each mix is ​​dynamically generated and ensures a playlist that does not repeat itself.

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a job: This is about the perfect singing partner. The better you sing together, the greater the compatibility value. The mode works with friends and family or players collaborate with their virtual idol to get the most points.

Global competition: This situation is the best in the world. You try to reach the top of the ranking by challenging friends or other singers around the world.

music box: In this relaxed position, you can sit back and enjoy the playlist for your next impromptu music session.

Let’s celebrate: Eight players, two teams, and two randomly selected game modes: This option provides material for the best Let’s Sing Party.

Playlist creator: With this system one can choose the game mode and its songs. This means that you can create your own playlists and play them in classic or premium mode.