March 3, 2024

The world record for flight with synthetic fuel

The world record for flight with synthetic fuel


The Royal Air Force (RAF) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain in 2. November 2021 one world record Prepared by having the first successful flight Synthetic fuel only they performed.

It was a short trip of the miniature type Ikarus C 42, that group leader Peter “Willie” Hackett It was controlled. Synthetic gasoline was the fuel UL91 from zero oil.

Gasoline was produced in the Orkney Islands hydrogen of water and carbon extracted from atmospheric carbon dioxide and these components with the help of locally generated wind, tidal and wave energy sum had become.

No changes are required to the flying machine

This process can also be used to produce a number of “drop in“Fuel used Replacing fossil fuels serve and do not change Motors Requires.

Buddy LoweZero Petroleum’s chief operating officer stated that synthetic gasoline “only exists 5 monthsIt was developed and successfully operated in an aircraft without the need to change the aircraft or engine.

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RAF Group Commander Peter “Willy” Hackett shakes hands with Guinness World Records juror Glenn Pollard after completing the world’s first flight using 100% synthetic fuel.

He added that engine measurements after the test flight.No difference in performance or overall performance compared to standard fossil fuels.”

Significant savings can be achieved

The innovation behind the synthetic fuel journey comes from the project Martin The Royal Air Force, which took place in June of Quick Capabilities Office seem. Preliminary data shows that this fuel can be between 80 and 90 percent Reduce carbon consumption per trip.

Jeremy QuinnThe Minister of Defense Procurement described the flight as “the first of its kind in the world.” “It shows the determination of the British Armed Forces to drive innovative, zero-emissions ideas while fulfilling operational commitments,” he said.

Britain - environment - transport - energy - fuel - aviation

Hackett in the cockpit during standard flight

Air Force Zero Emissions

Air Chief Marshal, sir Mike Wegston He agreed with this view and said: Climate change It is a transnational challenge that threatens global resilience as well as our common security and prosperity. I am determined to tackle this problem head on, and the RAF has set an even ambitious goal 2040 net zero emissions Access. “The way we operate our aircraft will play an important role in achieving that goal, and this exciting project to produce jet fuel from air and water shows how this can be done.”

Before the historic flight, Synthetic fuels from Zero Petroleum were widely used CFS Aero Tested, a Coventry component repair facility that repairs and inspects a wide range of aircraft engines for commercial and military service providers. In these tests, it was found that engines operate like fossil fuels, but in low temperatures escape from. This indicates that synthetic fuels will extend the life of the engines extends At the same time Reducing carbon emissions could.

The Royal Air Force is taking advantage of this innovation and working towards the government’s goal so No emissions in 2050 to create more. She has set herself a goal 2025 first of them net zero air force base to construct.

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