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With “DevCamp”, the IT and Technology Conference with a difference took place for the sixth time in the Witt Group. It gave about 140 participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and make connections.

DevCamp for IT and tech experts was held in Weiden for the sixth time last weekend. Under the theme ‘Networking for IT, Technology and Beyond’, the outdoor event gave around 150 participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and make connections. By voting, guests themselves decided what they wanted to discuss in the 30-minute sessions, which helped shape the event.

The session organizers gave their all when presenting their topics. Whether it is lectures, debates or presentations – in addition to the topics, they also choose the format of the session themselves. After the audience vote, the specialized lectures began with the keynote – the main lecture of the day. This year’s guest was Robert Sisso of Microsoft. In his keynote address “Chaos Engineering – Evaluate and Create Resilience,” he addressed the issue of how chaos experiences can be used to increase the resilience of applications and cloud services at each stage of quality testing.

Thereafter, a total of twelve sessions were placed on the agenda. The sessions covered a wide and exciting range of topics – from “How I hacked my toilet” to “Hotwire: an old new approach to web applications” to “Building a legacy: today we build the legacy of tomorrow” leaving nothing to be desired.

What’s special this year too: participants can decide for themselves whether they want to participate in DevCamp in person or remotely. 140 of about 150 participants accepted the invitation to attend the Witt Group.

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Despite all the knowledge sharing, the networking among the participants did not decrease. So it worked seamlessly under the “Networking & Chill” theme in a relaxed meeting of tunes, dinner, drinks and some gaming corners.

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