October 3, 2023

The way to the new messenger

The way to the new messenger

No More Whatsapp: The Road To The New Messenger

Today it hardly works without Messenger. But Messenger does not necessarily have to mean Whatsapp. Photo: Christine Klose / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

– Safe content: If you dump WhatsApp abroad, you will mostly still get your news and media Looking for alternatives: Messenger apps that can functionally hold a candle to WhatsApp, but avoid gathering chat metadata or at least treat it in a privacy-oriented manner? Yes, there is.

Consumer portal “Mobilsicherheit.de” Recommend it Signal, Threema or Wire. All three are open source, securely encrypted end-to-end, and available as Android, iOS, and desktop apps. If in doubt, multiple messengers can also be tested or used in parallel.

– Safe content: If you drop WhatsApp abroad, you will still usually want to keep your messages and media (photos, videos, audio messages). no problem. The individual or group chat that you want to save opens, click the three-dot menu (Android) or Settings (iOS) in the upper right corner, select “More / Export chat” and in the next window specify that the media should also be saved.

Then you choose whether the text document containing the messages and media files should be stored on the device or in an online memory stick. Because this way According to Whatsapp If a maximum of 10,000 messages are stored, you must repeat the entire procedure for the conversation in question and specify that no media should be stored. This way you get a second text document containing up to 40,000 messages.

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Deleting the account: Taking this third step before the second is dangerous. If Whatsapp account is deleted, all chats and backups cannot be recovered either. Have you backed up everything that needs to be backed up? good. To whatsapp too LeaveClick again on the three-dot menu or Settings at the top right and select “Account / Delete My Account”.

The next step is to enter your mobile phone number in the international format (with +49 and without the first zero of the area code) in the appropriate field. With a final click on the red button “Delete my account” this is done and the application can then be removed from the smartphone as well.

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