May 21, 2024

The US women's curling team wins their first World Cup medal in 15 years

The US women’s curling team wins their first World Cup medal in 15 years

The US women’s curling team rallied to win a bronze medal at the World Series, the first medal at a world championship since 2006.

The United States, overtaken by Olympic PyeongChang Tabitha PetersonHe beat Olympic champion Sweida in a match for the bronze medal on Sunday in Calgary, with a score of 9: 5. Russia and Switzerland will play later on Sunday in a match for the gold medal.

Peterson with his Olympic teammates Nina Roth And the Becca Hamilton, my little sister Tara Peterson And alternately Eileen TenderFinish an amazing tour in a 10-day course. The United States is ranked eighth in the world.

The Americans lose their first two league matches, with the fourteen teams playing against each other. Then they won four times in a row, losing the last two matches of the quarter-finals and finishing 7-6, however, they entered the play-offs with six teams in a draw when Switzerland beat Germany in the penultimate list.

In their first playoff match, the United States beat Denmark 8-7 in their last rock game.

The Americans lost the semifinals on Saturday 7: 3 against the Swiss defending champions and dropped 4: 2 to six finals in Sunday’s bronze-medal match.

But the United States scored five goals in seventh place, reminiscent of five goals for American men in the eighth end of the 2018 Olympic Final against Sweden.

The American woman ranked fifth in the 2017 World Championships, fourth in 2018 and seventh in 2019. She traveled to the worlds of March 2020 before it was canceled two days before its start due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Both American men and women qualified for Olympic quota seats in 2022. At the men’s world championships last month, the United States beat the Olympic gold medal. John Schuster, Qualified for third place in the qualifiers and lost the match in the first round with a place in the semi-finals.

The teams that will represent the United States in the Olympics will be decided in the trials that will take place.

The world mixed doubles championships, the first of two events allowing countries to qualify for the Olympic session, will take place from May 17 to 23 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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