October 5, 2023

Ein honduranischer Regierungsmitarbeiter kontrolliert die Sitzplätze in einem Bus. Migranten versuchen regelmäßig über Honduras, Guatemala und El Salvador in die USA zu kommen. Foto: Oliver De Ros/AP/dpa

The United States stops immigration agreements with Central American countries

Trump took a particularly difficult path in immigration policy and tried in various ways to make immigration to the United States more difficult and isolate the country. The construction of a wall on the border with Mexico was the most striking example of this. Trump’s successor, Joe Biden, has taken a completely different path. For example, he wants to further address migration from Central America in the long run by combating the causes of flight and cooperating with countries of origin.

Blinken said Saturday that the Biden government believes there are more convenient ways to work with partner governments to manage immigration in the region. However, regarding the pending agreements with the three countries, he stressed: “These steps do not mean that the borders of the United States are open.” The new US administration wants to expand the possibilities for legal immigration. The United States remains a country with borders and laws that must be respected.

On Friday, the Guatemalan Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it had received a letter from the United States to end the bilateral immigration agreement.

Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – the poor and often dangerous countries of the so-called Northern Triangle of Central America – are the origin of the vast majority of the tens of thousands of people trying to enter the United States illegally across the border with Mexico every month.