December 8, 2023

The United States opens on November 8

The United States opens on November 8

The date when the United States will again allow people from the EU/Schengen area as well as Great Britain and some other countries to enter the country: It will be next November 8. White House Deputy Press Secretary Kevin Munoz said on Twitter: “The new US travel policy, which requires vaccinations for foreign travelers to the United States, begins November 8th. This announcement and date apply to both international air travel and ground travel. These The policy is public health-based, rigorous and consistent.”

So far, the US government has only talked about “early November”. Speculation ranged from November 1 to Thanksgiving in late November. Now there is more clarity.

The following conditions apply to immigrants – they must

  • proof of full vaccination protection;
  • Submit a negative Covid-19 test on admission that was taken in the last three days prior to admission
  • Wear a mask throughout the flight
  • Provide their email address and phone number so they can be identified for the purpose of creating contacts

However, at the moment, some questions remain unanswered. For example, it is unclear whether unvaccinated children can enter the country with vaccinated parents/guardians, or which vaccines are acceptable at all.

Currently, most non-US citizens are not allowed to enter the US if they have been in the UK, most EU countries, China, India, Iran or Brazil within the last 14 days. The United States introduced this ban in March 2020; President Biden extended that ban in January 2021. Now there’s finally a thaw.

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