The United States is trying to prevent a strong and flexible Lebanese identity

Tehran (IQNA) – Hezbollah’s deputy general secretary stressed during the movement’s election campaign: “The United States is trying to identify Lebanon with its mercenaries, so strong opposition should not arise.”

“Hezbollah enters the election with a political agenda, our slogan is: ‘We will be, we will support, we will build,'” said Hezbollah / Lebanon’s deputy general secretary Naeem Qasim during the movement’s election campaign. This was reported by the Force News Agency.

Sheikh Naeem Qasim told the Al-Manar news network that “we will be in place, support the country, respect, humanity and dignity, and build government institutions and everything that benefits the people.”

“We have to do the rest [unseres Landes] Release it and protect it, ”he continued. “We demand compliance with the constitution. The law in Lebanon is the source of the rights and responsibilities of citizens. “

“We entered the election by forming an alliance with those who stand on the line of government based on the political situation and the opposition,” Qasim continued. “Our main ally is the Amal movement but we have other allies.”

“Our political and social experience is brilliant … we have ministers and officials with successful experience,” he said, adding that the United States was using tools that benefited Israel in its program.

Referring to the major divisions within the March 14 group (linked to Saudi Arabia), the Hezbollah official said the United States would try to identify a strong and resilient Lebanon, but the series could not achieve their goals. Resistance. “

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The Lebanese parliament voted to hold general elections on October 27 and March 27.

Hezbollah’s secretary general Syed Hassan Nasrallah has said that Hezbollah aims to hold elections on time and that there is no indication that any Lebanese party is seeking to postpone the parliamentary elections.


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