April 23, 2024

The United States fears Cuba's "goals" of "sports" Granma

The United States fears Cuba’s “goals” of “sports” Granma

Cuban football team 2021. picture: Taken from Twitter

The United States should no longer host an international sporting event if it is unable to accommodate the entire family of athletes. International and regional federations are bypassing their selective licensing procedures and, worse still, introducing them.

Now, in the footsteps of his predecessor Donald Trump, the Joe Biden administration has denied the Cuban football team the opportunity to participate in the Copa de Oro qualifiers by supporting 11 Cubans who are preparing faithfully in Guatemala and Nicaragua and all of them are against. – Covid met with visa refusal protocols. The tears of Cuban footballers were tears of anger rather than sadness over this politically motivated exclusion and discrimination that once again trampled on the right to represent their country.

“The United States fears Cuba even when it comes to football,” Martin Rodriguez, director of Costa Rican newspaper La Libertad, was quoted as saying by Prensa Latina newspaper. “The criminal embargo by the USA does not allow Cuba to participate in the Cuba Oro, while FIFA and CONCACAF are keeping silent about their imperial masters.”

CONCACAF is a regional organization that follows the instructions and rules of FIFA, the global organization whose assumptions are that governments should not interfere in their politics and not in the politics of tournaments. Then the question arises as to why this did not apply to the United States, or whether the money that designated a place like this in Florida led to a change in the regulations.

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It is a shame that CONCACAF and FIFA did not speak out against this outrageous behavior and did not respond to Cuba’s request to postpone the 3 July match until the travel documents appear. Can organizations like this be trusted if they give up one of their member states that won the right to participate in Cuba de Gold?

Cuba has never refused a visa to any athlete from the United States or any other country. Instead, it ensures their stay in the best possible conditions. But US history contains such a long list against coaches, athletes, and the highest personalities of the Cuban Olympic Committee.

Even athletes have fallen victim to this policy. Alfred chess player Anna Robert Fisher refused a visa in 1965 to travel to Havana to participate in the Capablanca Memorial Tournament. He ended up doing it via telex from the Marshall Chess Club in Manhattan, from the same place where the Cuban genius had collapsed. In 1966 he attended the Chess Olympiad in the Cuban capital and felt fine, although he was being watched by three FBI agents.

What is the United States afraid of? Let our colleagues from Costa Rica answer: “They are afraid of Cuba, its self-determination, its freedom, its immense love and solidarity with humanity, which leads doctors and teachers to the darkest corners of the world, while the United States is bombing, that is why they are taking action against the Cuban people, against Athletes, artists, thinkers, doctors, scientists, children, youth and women.But in this “other football” fear is killing them, because Cuba has not stopped scoring against this policy.

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