The United States defeated Switzerland in the final of the World Wheelchair Championship by B-curling

The USA won the gold medal at the B-Curling World Wheelchair Championship after defeating Switzerland 4-3 in the last game of the Kisakallio Sports Institute in Lohja, Finland.

The two teams secured their place in the 2021 Wheelchair World Championship by reaching the finals, before being crowned four times by Matthew Thomas, Stephen Emmett, David Samsa and Patoyon Uranchemig, supported by substitutes Pamela Wilson and coach Russell Scheiber.

After five of eight placements, it appeared to be the gold medal for Switzerland with teams from Erik Deckwift, Hand Burgner, Francoise Jacord and Laurent Knoppole advancing 3-0.

But the United States scored two points in sixth place before stealing two points in the seventh and eighth finals to turn the match upside down and win the tournament with a great comeback.

All this came after the US team finished third in the quarter-finals, losing to Switzerland and Italy.

Italy won the bronze medal at the 2021 Wheelchair FIFA World Championship © WCF / Jiri Snitil

In the semi-final, the Americans beat Italy in the overtime final before returning to Switzerland.

The Italian team, consisting of Angela Medardi, Idio Marchesi, Fabrizio Beck and Matteo Ronzani, won the bronze with a 4: 8 victory over Germany.

This ensures they will secure last place in the 2021 World Championships, their first appearance since the 2012 edition.

The World Wheelchair Curling Championship 2021 is the latest competition to collect qualifying points for the 2022 Beijing Paralympic Games.

The World Championships, also held in Beijing, is a test event for the games and will be held at Ice Cube from October 23-30.

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