June 21, 2024

The United States condemns the opening of Varosha as unacceptable and provocative

The United States condemns the opening of Varosha as unacceptable and provocative

The United States condemned any planned further opening of the coastal settlement of Varosha, which was inhabited by Greek Cypriots, as unacceptable.

The basics in brief

  • The Republic of Northern Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey.

The organization said Tuesday evening (local time) in a letter from US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that this step clearly contradicts the resolutions of the UN Security Council. “The United States considers the actions of the Turkish Cypriots in Varosha, with the support of Turkey, provocative and unacceptable and contrary to its previous commitments to engage constructively in talks aimed at resolving the conflict.”

Northern Cyprus President Ersin Tatar announced on Tuesday that the status of a restricted military zone in a small part of Varosha will be revoked, thus allowing access to other areas in the Famagusta region. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spoken of a “new era” for the former tourist hotspot of Varosha. On the other hand, the Cypriot government in Nicosia reacted indignantly to the move in memory of the division of the Mediterranean island from all places. The European Union’s external representative, Josep Borrell, called the decision “unacceptable” and one-sided. Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that Borrell’s statement is further evidence of the extent to which the European Union is detached from the facts in Cyprus.

“We call on the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey to reverse their decision announced today and all steps taken since October 2020,” the State Department continued. The United States wanted to push for a strong response at the United Nations Security Council. Unilateral provocative actions, which have escalated tensions on the island and impeded efforts to resume talks to resolve the Cyprus conflict, should be avoided.

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