The United Kingdom is on the Portuguese list of countries under quarantine

The government has decided that passengers on flights from South Africa, Brazil, India and Nepal can continue to use only essential flights And after entering mainland Portugal, they are required to adhere to a 14-day precautionary isolation period at home or in a place designated by the health authorities.

Previously British citizens are required to comply with the period of protective isolation “except for those who provide evidence of vaccination attesting to compliance with the full vaccination schedule that has been provided in that country for at least 14 days with a vaccine against COVID-19”. “.

These are the procedures that were clarified this morning in a statement issued by the Ministry of the Interior to the editorial board.

CEO says so “All citizens who wish to travel to Portugal by plane, except for children under 12 years of age, must provide a digital EU-COVID certificate or, alternatively, evidence of a molecular laboratory test by RT-PCR or a rapid A test with a negative antigen result. made within 72 or 48 hours prior to the time of dispatch.

Just be careful Rapid tests for antigens are allowed on the Common Checklist for COVID-19 Diseases approved by the European Union Health Security Committee.

This proof should contain the identity of the citizen, the type of test and its label, the manufacturer, the date, time and place (including the country) of the sample, test results, the source and the certificate number. Passengers whose tests or evidence do not meet the above requirements must take a new test at their own expense upon entering the mainland area and wait at a suitable place within the airport until the result is announced. “

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In this statement, the Ministry warns against that Airlines must only allow passengers to board flights with a destination or layover in mainland Portugal “upon presentation of an EU digital COVID certificate or negative test result on departure”.

If they don’t, airlines will wear “An offense that can be punished with a fine of between 500 and 2,000 euros per passenger.”

All measures adopted now also apply to the boarding and disembarkation of passengers and crew members of cruise ships at the ports of the main territory of the State.

Also, according to the ministry Except for EU member states and countries associated with the Schengen area, only essential travel to third countries is allowed.

However, the rule does not apply to the list of countries and administrative regions – which now include Albania, the USA, Lebanon, the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia and Taiwan – whose epidemiological situation is in line with the Council (EU) recommendation. ) 2020/912 from 06/30/2020 ″.

Essential trips are those “which are intended to enable citizens to pass through or enter Portugal for professional reasons, for study, for family reunification, for health or humanitarian reasons”.

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