The UK wants to join the TPP

According to Japan’s Ministry of Trade, Britain wants to join the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement (TPP). To join.

The ministry said International Trade Minister Lise Truss will speak with her counterparts from Japan and New Zealand today, and formal talks are expected to begin this spring.

The United Kingdom: First country outside the Pacific in the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The United Kingdom will be the first new country to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership since its inception in 2018, as well as the first country outside the Pacific. The regional agreement includes Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

In a statement, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the bid to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership showed an ambition to do business on the best terms with our friends and partners around the world, adding that the UK was a staunch advocate of global free trade. is being.

The announcement comes a year after the United Kingdom left the European Union, allowing the British government to enter into independent free trade agreements with other countries outside the European Union.

The UK and Japan signed a free trade agreement in October 2020 after five months of talks. The contract entered into force on January 1 of this year.

Japan’s minister in charge of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, Yasutushi Nishimura, pressed on Twitter Hopefully outBritain will demonstrate its strong determination to fully fulfill the high standard commitments of the Free Trade Agreement.

“I believe the UK’s application for membership has great potential to expand the reach of high-level bases beyond the Asia-Pacific region,” said Nishimura.

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Other countries wanted to join TPP

China, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand have also expressed interest in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which accounts for about 13 percent of global GDP.

The United States participated in the negotiations and was one of the 12 original signatories to the agreement until former President Donald Trump withdrew the nation from the treaty in 2017. WithdrawBefore ratifying the agreement.

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