October 4, 2023

The UK faces its biggest rail strike in 30 years

The UK faces its biggest rail strike in 30 years

Several strikes were announced on railways in the UK. The number of strikers is expected to exceed 50,000. The London Underground will also be affected.

The basics in brief

  • The UK has announced the biggest rail strike in 30 years.
  • The London Underground will likely be paralyzed for nearly 24 hours.
  • The Department of Transportation expects millions of people in the country to be affected.

Britain’s biggest rail strike in 30 years. RMT’s general secretary on Saturday announced a nationwide strike on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It comes after the collapse of collective bargaining between RMT, the builders, Network Rail, London Underground and infrastructure.

In addition, the Conservative government is accused of cutting billions of pounds from the transportation budget. Many jobs were lost and wages and inflation could not be reconciled.

Expect more than 50,000 attackers

As “Salzburger Nachrichten” wrote, more than 50,000 attackers are expected. London Underground workers are also planning a 24-hour strike on Tuesday.

This would make it the largest strike since 1989. According to the Federation of Railroads, “millions of people” will be affected. In addition, “big upheaval is inevitable.”

In the UK, chaos threatens to become complete. Because many flights had to be canceled due to staff shortages. Another issue is the timing of the strikes: The days will affect the Glastonbury Music Festival and school leaving exams across the country.

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