July 15, 2024

The ‘truth’ about the ruling: Kushner writes Trump’s book

The ‘truth’ about the ruling: Kushner writes Trump’s book

The truth about judgment
Kushner writes Trump’s book

Donald Trump’s time as President of the United States provides material for countless books. Most often, the real estate shark has been ripped off by critics. Now another book about him is apparently in the works. But this time you definitely don’t have to worry.

There are already some books on display about former US President Donald Trump. Another year should be added – from the pen of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and former principal advisor. As Broadside Books, a conservative brand of publisher Harper Collins, announced in a press release, Kushner has already signed a contract.

The work is scheduled to appear in early 2022. It is not known what the financial terms of the contract will be. The as yet untitled work is said to be a “full, authoritative account” that reveals “the truth of what happened behind closed doors” in the Trump era.

But if you were hoping for spicy revelations that might leave Trump in need of explanation, you’ll certainly be disappointed – after all, Kushner is the husband of his daughter Ivanka and was one of Trump’s most important advisers during the campaign and his time in the US. Oval Office. Regardless, “truth” has been a partially flexible term in the Trump camp. The government has been repeatedly accused of lies and false statements – or, as former Chancellor Kellyanne Conway put it: “alternative facts”.

Trump’s “Book of All Books” Didn’t Find a Publisher

With his new book deal, Kushner may be in direct competition with his father-in-law. He recently announced that he is currently authoring The Book of All Books. It is not known if the former president actually found a publisher. According to the online magazine Politico, the five largest US publishers (Penguin Random House, Hachette Book Group, Harper Collins, Macmillan Publishers and Simon & Schuster) refrain from working with Trump. Accordingly, the officials question the honesty and therefore retreat.

During his tenure (2016 to 2021), a number of Trump revelations appeared, including by the famous American journalist Bob Woodward (“Fear: Trump in the White House”), and former FBI chief James Comey (“Nothing but those The Truth”), journalists Michael Kranish, Mark Fisher (“The Truth About Trump”) and Michael Wolff (“Fire and Fury”)—and even from Trump’s niece, Mary L. Trump (“Too Much and Never Enough—how my family created the most dangerous man in the world “).

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