February 22, 2024

The Trustee Card and Friends Pieces have been issued to everyone

The Trustee Card and Friends Pieces have been issued to everyone

As announced by the developers of Supermassive Games, the game Curator’s Cut and Friends Pass for horror adventure “The Dark Pictures – House of Ashes” is now available to everyone. We’ll tell you what it’s all about.

The popular horror series from Supermassive Games entered its next round last fall with “The Dark Pictures – House of Ashes”.

As the studio announced at the weekend, the Curator Cut on one side and the Friends Card on the other are now open to all. The Curator’s Cut was previously reserved only for those who pre-ordered ‘The Dark Pictures – House of Ashes’ and offers interested players the opportunity to play the campaign in an alternate version after successful completion.

However, with Friends Pass, it is possible to play through the campaign once with someone who does not call “The Dark Pictures – House of Ashes” their own.

Supermassive Games is already working on the next chapter of the horror saga

All current owners of any of the three installments in the series (Man of Medan, Little Hope or House of Ashes) will get free access to the Friends Pass, which allows players to play through this entire game at once with a friend in the multiplayer shared story mode who They don’t own the game,” Friends Pass says.

More news about The Dark Pictures:

The studio continued, “The House of Ashes Curator’s Cut is now free for all.” Originally released as a pre-order bonus DLC, Curator’s Cut can now be unlocked for all players once they beat the game in Cinematic (Normal) mode. The mode allows players to play the game from a different perspective, with different playable characters in specific scenes, new options, and outcomes New, frightening new deaths.”

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The developers at Supermassive Games are currently working on the next branch of the “The Dark Pictures” series, called “The Devil in Me” that will be released in the fall of 2022.

More news about Dark Pictures – House of Ash.

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