The TikTok Spaghetti Pie Challenge — Yes, there really is

Video: Watson/Oliver Baroni, Tallulah Baroni, Emily Injkent

Our food barony actually masters pies. But Emily clearly wants to see him fail. Like this TikTok variant, for example.

«After milk pancakes, you definitely want to try another pancake recipe, right?»

Do I want that Emily? Do I really want this?
As a reminder, the milk pie Emily alluded to was TikTok crepe 1 ingredient (milk, nothing else), which, while not entirely inedible, is ultimately a middling disaster in terms of preparation.
See, this is how it was:

Ta-daaaaa: “Crappy Crepes”!

Video: watson/een

Now you want me to try another great pie? I already have fail-safe recipes, which I use a lot and enjoy:

But, yeah, this is about the TikTok challenge (focus on challenges). And the short video that Emily sent me does look like it the challenge , … And if you are crowned with success, that’s okay. It concerns the following: Spaghetti pie!

Hmm actually looks very nice. It’s funny how you make dessert but then eat it like spaghetti. Maple syrup is used in place of the sauce, and powdered sugar in place of the Parmesan cheese. Sweet instead of salty. It can be fun.

Watson on TikTok

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There is no recipe, but it is reasonably understood. I am making a mixture of crepe batter ( #2 in the aforementioned Pancake article) and try—with the expert guidance of my 14-year-old daughter, who is generally better than me when it comes to baking and dough—using a piping bag to put in a greased, nonstick skillet. You can see how it worked here:

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Video: Watson/Oliver Baroni, Tallulah Baroni, Emily Injkent

Bottom line: needs some practice. But definitely possible. if You are willing to go the extra mile. No, of course this is no better than a regular pie, but the fun factor when eating is also important. Every now and then, as a special treat for the kids, for example, you can cook something like that.

Ranking of all TikTok recipes tested so far:

(According to Swiss school grades: 6 is the best score, 1 is the worst, 4 is enough).

average score: 3.3
Nope, it doesn’t look good dear TikTok.

And here are the videos:

TikTok challenge: Baroni makes viral recipes

This is where the hypocrisy of altruists is exposed


This is where the hypocrisy of altruists is exposed

Source: instagram / instagram

Because it is mushroom season: this is how I cook pasta ai funghi

Video: Watson

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