The Thrustmaster T128 Racing Wheel is now available for Xbox consoles

French hardware manufacturer Thrustmaster presented its new Force Feedback racing wheel at the 2022 Paris Motor Show. It’s the perfect companion for players looking to take their first laps in the world of racing sims.

The T128 features the same next-generation hybrid drive technology as its big brother, the T248. It uses an integrated belt and gear mechanism for 20% stronger force feedback performance than Thrustmaster’s previous T150 and TMX racing wheels. Featuring realistic force feedback, a 4-color LED engine speed indicator, and high-precision magnetic technology paddle shifters and pedals, the T128 delivers unbeatable performance. When entering the world of sim racing, the T128 makes all the difference.

Specially designed to improve your own racing skills, T128 is available in two different versions: an officially licensed version for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and another officially licensed version for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Both versions are compatible. PC compatibility gives users endless opportunities to further develop their skills.

The T128 incorporates Thrustmaster’s cutting-edge technologies into an affordable and versatile racing wheel that doesn’t compromise on performance and offers novice riders a truly immersive driving experience.

  • Immersive Force Feedback with “Hybrid Drive”.

The T128 stands out from the Thrustmaster T150 and TMX racing wheels with its innovative hybrid drive system, first used in the T248, and offering 20% ​​more power.

All the characteristics of the race track can be felt more intensely through the feedback sent through the steering wheel: bumps and bumps, speed effects, road surface conditions, loss of tire grip and more. An equally exciting and realistic concept helps players improve their driving lines. Curves can be mastered better, which has a positive effect on your own racing skills.

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The T128’s steering wheel rim is very light, as any extra weight will affect performance. In this way, users benefit from powerful feedback in the best possible way and can act accordingly in every situation.

  • Cardiac Magnetic Technology (with Hall Effect Sensors)

This technology, integrated with two key game components, helps improve driving accuracy in all games. Dead zones are eliminated and possible reduction in accuracy over time is prevented thanks to the certified friction system.

– The T128’s magnetic paddle shifters Drive lightning-fast shifting with clear and precise triggering (reaction time of 30 milliseconds) for competitive performance and avoiding driving errors. This contactless magnet technology also extends the life of the paddle shifters, while its acoustic design has been revised for more seamless operation.[1].

– That The T2PM pedal is set up with two pedals Equipped with the same magnetic technology and enables fast acceleration and good level of braking.

  • Engine speed LED display

There is a 4-color LED light bar in the top center of the steering wheel that displays the vehicle’s engine speed in real-time, received directly from the game via telemetry.[2] is changed. The LEDs flash when it’s time to shift into a higher gear.

These prominent LEDs allow players to monitor engine RPM to optimize shifts without taking their eyes off the road, which is a huge advantage.

  • Modern, versatile design

The fully rounded steering rim automatically adjusts its rotation angle between 270° and 900° according to the type of vehicle used in the game, allowing adaptation to all vehicle styles (GT, Rally, F1, Trucks, etc.). A comprehensive control surface with 13 action buttons eliminates the need for a gamepad – even for navigating game menus.

  • Access to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service
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The Xbox/PC version of the T128 includes a free one-month subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service.[3]. Users can play dozens of popular racing and sim racing games compatible with T128 on Xbox and PC for free.

  • Both versions are officially licensed for next-gen consoles and compatible with PC

Officially recognized as the next generation racing wheel developed and designed for the latest gaming consoles, the T128 is available in two different versions:

– Officially licensed for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One and compatible with PC

– Officially licensed for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 and compatible with PC

Availability and prices

T128 (Racing Wheel and Pedal Set) is now available with an RRP of €199.99 in the following regions:

Xbox/PC Version:

  • Europe + America + Canada + Australia + Asia (Except China) + Brazil: 17 October 2022
  • Rest of the World: From November

PlayStation/PC Version:

  • Europe + America + Canada + Australia: 27 October 2022; Pre-orders: October 17, 2022
  • Rest of the World: From November

The latest updates for all Thrustmaster products are available at any time Facebook, Instagram And Twitter.

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