The tenth concert of the series “Buk Auf Kulthur”: From relaxation to excitement – Culture

Pforzheim. Meticulously woven electronic acoustic mat, intensely dancing rock tubes and hip-hop to catchy beats: can that go together? Yes she can. So good that about 120 people wanted to see and hear it on a Saturday afternoon. They sit relaxing on white plastic chairs in front of a Pforzheim gas gauge. This is where the “Bock auf Kultour” initiative set up its mobile stage.

It belongs to Chris Koester and Stephen Kling first. The two are Flowers on Monday and do electronic music, turning buttons and push controls. In short: they use technology to create colorful clay paintings. Spherical sounds blend with powerful rhythms accompanied by technically solo vocals. The duo has already appeared as a guest in Egypt, the United States and Great Britain. In fact, they have planned to tour Russia, the United States and India in 2020. In “Book of Culture” they will be on stage for the first time since March 2020 on Saturday. For the most part, they have their own pieces with titles like “Pirates Of The Sun”, “Power To The Children” and “True”. The audience leans back and enjoys complete silence.

Raphael Morley lets Missy Gray dance. Photo: Roller

That ended quickly when Raphael Morel took the stage: he brought four rock tubes from his puppet theater that burst with energy. You have to see what Mürle does with the muppets: Nina Hagen spins in circles, faster and faster. Missy Gray swings her hips, arms and legs in the air. Marla Glenn regrets her suffering with many gestures. The audience is cheerful.

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Audience needs to appear

Simon Krust, Jonas Gerlich and Pascal Harter completely control their listeners, sometimes making them clap and dance. The three call each other completely differently, and do hip-hop with funk and rock influences. The names of their songs are “Take Me Back”, “Heldengeschwätz”, “Breath” and “Tag für Tag”. It is full of strength and vitality, full of life and joy. Krust can’t stand idly by either. He has to move, throw his arms in the air, and dance on stage. No wonder the audience is asking to appear.

Fundamentally different with Jonas Gerlich, Simon Krust and Pascal Harter (from left). Photo: Roller

When Krust, Gerlich and Harter once again leave the stage, the “Bock auf Kultour” series put together by Kulturhaus Osterfeld and Baral & Partner Events ends. The mobile stage has been set up at ten sites in Pforzheim and Inskreis. Professional artists from the region have always performed. The conclusion of the regulators is consistently positive. “The weather was good and we had a great programme,” said Osterfeld president Bart Dewijze. “We noticed that culture is important.” That is why there should be a new version of “Bock auf Kultour” in September, then with a longer release of the program and more works.

Fantasy culture at PZ Druckhof


Taking a cultural tour of the PZ-Druckhof: “a really cool event”

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