June 14, 2024

The ten worst Christmas gifts, according to a survey

The gift says a lot about friendship.
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In a survey conducted by software company ContextLogic Inc. About “Bad Gifts,” more than 6,000 adults shared their experiences.

28 percent of all respondents expressed the opinion that defective clearance items are the worst gift.

Candles aren’t great gifts either, according to Women’s Health.

In case you are on the corner sale free gift If you feel like grabbing it, you shouldn’t — thousands of respondents are telling you to do so Gift idea to reconsider.

American business news anchor Fox Business Reported in a survey by software company ContextLogic Inc. To more than 6,000 adults from the US, UK, Spain and Germany. ContextLogic Inc. It is the parent company of e-commerce company Wish. The result: defective clearance items are the worst possible gift idea.

At the top of the list after clearance items are imitations of luxury brands. 10 percent of respondents rated counterfeit luxury goods as a bad idea. Weight loss-related gifts like scales, and gym memberships also made the top 10 most hated gifts.

Candles, while they didn’t make the list of bad gifts surveyors, either, according to a newspaper article Journal of Women’s Health Not good gifts. The magazine suggested 13 gifts that have “more character” in one of its articles.

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List of top 10 gift ideas according to ContextLogic’s survey:

  • Defective Clearance Items (28 percent)
  • Fruitcake (23 percent)
  • Anything related to weight loss (21 percent).
  • Political gifts (20 percent)
  • Old clothes (16 percent).
  • Cheap chocolate (13 percent).
  • Christmas ties (13 percent)
  • weight scales (twelve percent)
  • Counterfeit luxury goods (ten percent)
  • gym memberships (10 percent)

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