April 25, 2024

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According to tourists, Brazil is the 9th most hospitable country in the world. This is indicated by the “Traveller Review Awards”, which rank Italy at the top and are based on user reviews from the travel website Booking.com. The survey collects accommodation, car rental and taxi companies with an average rating above the minimum rating required by Booking.com by 30 November 2022. Only customers who have actually used these services can provide ratings.

Based on more than 240 million user reviews, the site has approved more than 1.4 million partners. For the sixth year in a row, apartments were the most valued property type – nearly 630,000 partners were valued in this category.

Top 10 and Number of Awarded Placements

1) Italy (170,638)

2) Spain (108,217)

3) France (103,365)

4) Germany (76,479)

5) Croatia (64,206)

6) Poland (60,721)

7) United Kingdom (60,697)

8) Greece (54,473)

9) Brazil (53,658)

10) United States (46,839)

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