The Swiss ice hockey team has reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup

The Swiss national team did qualify for the quarter-finals on Monday, although they did not play at all. (Image: Keystone)


Without playing, Switzerland reached the quarter-finals of the World Ice Hockey Championships in Riga. This is after Sweden was eliminated after a loss to Russia.

Coach Patrick Fischer’s side benefits from Sweden’s 3-2 loss to Russia after a penalty shootout. For the Scandinavians, the tournament ended after this defeat, and they were supposed to have won to have any chance of a knockout round. Departure is a disaster for the Swedes. Aside from 10th in 1937, they were no worse than seventh in the World Cup. HCD defender Magnus Negrin said it was a shame for them. “We weren’t good enough.” The Swedes started the tournament by defeating Denmark (3: 4) and Belarus (0: 1) – they never lost to these teams in the World Cup. This mortgage was too heavy in the end.

Due to the defeat of the Swedes, all the qualifiers for the quarter-finals of Group A were decided: besides Switzerland, these are Russia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. With their original time win over Great Britain on Tuesday, the Swiss are at least second in the group.

For the Swedes, it looked good at first against Russia. They took the lead in the ninth minute of strong play with a goal from Jessper Froen and held out until the 53rd minute. Then they conceded two goals within twelve seconds, Anton Sleepicio and Alexandre Parabano were responsible. Victor Olofsson saved Sweden 2-2 (56th) in overtime, but it would have taken more.

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The Czechs are preventing departure

The Czechs prevented elimination by winning 2-1 after a penalty shootout against Denmark – if they had lost in normal time, they would not have reached the quarter-finals. After the candidate was late in the fourth minute due to Niklas Jensen’s sixth goal in this tournament, he only managed to equalize despite a clear advantage (aggregate 38:13 shots on target). Ex-Umbre striker Dominic Kubalik (46) was responsible. In the penalty shootout, all 4 Czech shooters met.

In Group Two, after defending champions Finland, the United States also reached the knockout stage. The Americans defeated Germany 2–0 and celebrated their fifth successive victory. The shot ratio was 33:15 in favor of the Germans. However, goalkeeper Cal Petersen, who works for the Los Angeles Kings team, came to his second lockdown in this tournament after beating Kazakhstan 3-0. Jason Robertson scored the decisive goal in Power Play (39.). With 27 seconds remaining, Colin Blackwell explained the whole thing with a shot into the empty can.

Despite their third successive defeat, the Germans are still in their hands to qualify for the quarter-finals. If you beat hosts Latvia on Tuesday evening, you will definitely be in the knockout stage. The same goes for Balts.

Kazakhstan lost to Norway after leading 1-0, 1: 3 – by winning the Kazakhs after 60 minutes they would have reached the quarter-finals. Now they have to tremble and Canada has better opportunities to advance.

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