The survival horror game “Chernobelt” abroad today

After nearly two years in early access, the final version of the SciFi horror RPG “Chernobylite” is available starting Wednesday today.

The basics in brief

  • In “Chernobelt” you play Igor, who suffers from a nuclear power plant disaster.
  • The post-apocalyptic horror game is available on Steam starting Wednesday.

From this Wednesday this is postapokalyptische Horror-RPG «Chernobelt» is available in full version. The game from developer The Fram 51 has been in Early Access for about two years.

In a science fiction story, you slip into the role of physicist Igor, who died before the disaster ChernobylA nuclear power plant was used. He searches for the truth about the disappearance of his fiancée in the exclusion zone. he hits In the city of ghosts Pripyat to supernatural monsters and enemy KGB soldiers.

Especially in regards to the survival horror game: the map is based on real 3D scans of the restricted area and is therefore very realistic.

“Chernobylite” will be available on Steam starting July 28. In September, the game should also be available for Play Station 4 and Xbox One to appear. The latest generation of game console players You should be patient a little longer.

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