June 22, 2024

The strike cripples UK train services - with only one in five trains running

The strike cripples UK train services – with only one in five trains running

A nationwide strike has brought train services to a near standstill in the UK. Tens of thousands of employees of various railway companies stopped work on Thursday. It has been announced that there will be a train strike on Saturday as well. Workers are demanding higher wages and better working conditions.

Govt: “Fair Wage Offer”

Mick Lynch, head of the trade union RMT, accused the Conservative government of an “anti-union agenda” which is prolonging the pay dispute. “We want to strike for a total of six days. Companies wanted to lay off people months ago, but we managed to stop it. We have some advanced offers. But we have inspired a sense of solidarity among Britons. .” There is a lot of support, people are coming back to ideas like collective action, strikes and labor solidarity.

The government wants stable funding for the rail system in the future. Railway employees are paid fair wages.

Passenger: “I will be late”

Across the country, only every fifth train was running. So sorry for the passengers. Usama Zarda for example. He started in south-west London and had a long way to go to a wedding: “I have to arrive at 11 in the morning. Now I’m only in Manchester at 12 in the afternoon. It’s two hours from there, so I’m going. Must be really late.” Arsalan Yudin, who traveled from Berlin, says: “There is a certain frustration, but I understand the need for the strike. I think the reactions are mixed.”

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More strikes in August

The desire to strike was boosted by record inflation, which reached 10.1 percent in July. In the coming days, the London Underground and the country’s largest cargo port are also to be hit. More than 115,000 British postal workers plan to go on strike for four days from the end of August.