‘The status quo is no longer acceptable’: Patel justifies deportation plans

Great Britain and Rwanda are working together: in the future, refugees who have entered the UK illegally will be sent to Rwanda for asylum procedures. On this Tuesday, Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Perrota and British Home Secretary Priti Patel had to justify their plan to UN human rights and refugee organizations in Geneva:

“We are a government that, together with our partners, the government of Rwanda, is looking for new and innovative solutions to global problems. I am afraid that other organizations and other countries are not offering alternatives and that the status quo is simply no longer acceptable,” Patel said.

Perrotta stated: “Once the UK is ready to send the first batch of asylum seekers, we will be ready to receive them. We have all the necessary procedures in place to process asylum applications. We are also working on the logistics.”

The Rwandan foreign minister clarified that the discussion in Geneva was mainly about “engaging with UN representatives”.

UN representatives and other critics fear that such an approach would violate human rights and the International Refugee Convention.

London announced on Thursday that the “first batch” of illegal immigrants had been informed of the UK government’s intention to resettle them in Rwanda.

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