April 25, 2024

The spectator recognizes melanoma on the sidelines

The spectator recognizes melanoma on the sidelines

MWith a suspected life-saving diagnosis on the sidelines, the medical student beat a Canadian ice hockey club and fans across the country — and made a positive start to the new year that’s now spreading around the world. Brian “Reed” Hamilton, one of the first-team supervisors for the Vancouver Canucks ice hockey team, was searching for his savior with a message distributed by the club on Saturday via Twitter.

Hamilton wrote: “To the woman I am trying to find: You changed my life and now I want to find you to say thank you very much.” The woman was one of the spectators in the Seattle Kraken’s game against the Vancouver Canucks on October 23. She discovered a suspicious mole on the neck of the stewardess kit in front of her and desperately tried to get his attention.

A message written on the phone screen

Finally, she wrote a message on her cell phone. I raised the screen to the section separating the Canucks seat so that Hamilton could read it. “The mole on the back of her neck could be cancerous. Please go to the doctor!”

Hamilton’s letter to his anonymous savior spread quickly and within an hour it was located. It was Nadia Popovici, 22, who was recently accepted into medical school. Hamilton back at a press conference with a great happiness. “The only reason for the letter is because I really wanted to tell her that her insistence and everything she did was taken very seriously.”

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