October 3, 2023

The Solution - How e-retailers are pulling the teeth of the Brexit bureaucracy

The Solution – How e-retailers are pulling the teeth of the Brexit bureaucracy

The Brexit Solution – The UK’s exit from the European Union brought with it many new regulations that e-retailers should be aware of when shipping there. (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The solution to Britain’s exit from the European Union Britain’s exit from the European Union is over and brought above all big confusions in a Suppliers and customers of services and goods from and to The island. But there is hardly a challenge Which Resourceful business people can not be resolved. So try now Logistics specialists like Seven Senders datengetriebene Cross-border shipping solutions to the island. So you pull it The administrative beast of Britain’s exit from the European Union At least part of it Her poisonous teeth.

The UK’s exit from the European Union brought many new regulations for e-merchants With you to look for it when charging there. What do the new mandatory ads mean? Do I need my own on-site logistics center in the UK? How can shipping, transport and customs operations be designed with reliable planning? These are just three of the many questions that online dealers have to ask themselves today when trading with the island after Brexit. Doctor. Johannes Plein in this article. He is the founder and CEO of Seven Senders. Today the company operates your leading delivery platform for shipping parcels across borders in Europe.

The challenges posed by Britain’s exit from the European Union

First of all, it should be noted that e-retailers are benefiting from the fact that the UK is now one of the strongest e-commerce markets in Europe. The British were the European pioneers in terms of e-commerce and online trading is as much a part of everyday life for the British as tea time or the red double-decker buses to London. However, since Brexit, many online retailers have moved away from the increased efforts involved in shipping goods to the UK: since January 1, 2021, new regulations have been in place for customs clearance of goods for import and export: “Because of an obligation to declare, need to Retailers are subject to VAT for importing the goods number and have to apply for a so-called EORI number,” explains J. Blaine in an interview. Returns management must also be adapted to new customs regulations. Its delivery platform Seven Senders, together with MS Direct, a full service provider of CRM and e-commerce, offers a Brexit solution aimed at supporting e-retailers in their expansion into Great Britain.

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Legal representation on the island

But overcoming tariff barriers alone is not enough. The Brexit agreement also stipulates that online retailers must now have indirect local representation. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to do business in the UK. This can be time consuming and expensive. What many don’t know: “Those who work with partners like Seven Senders and MS Direct don’t need their own site. Then a broker takes over the legal representation,” according to J. Blaine. Then it does everything for the user: quickly, quickly and without bureaucracy.

Customs clearance assembly – it really works…

If you are not using a proper solution you will not only accept high administrative effort when shipping to UK. For example, incomplete transit documents greatly delay delivery and services. Often it is because of them that long traffic jams that sometimes appear at the border. Then they cause a delay in delivery. The solution offered by Seven Senders and MS Direct simplifies and speeds up imports through mass customs clearance. Online retailers need data such as merchandise value, net weights, countries of origin, German and UK tariff numbers, and item descriptions in both German and English. After sending the data to MS Direct, the latter takes on the task of import and export customs clearance. So there is no need to stop at the border, which makes it possible to drive to the last mile without wasting any time.

Use local carriers to meet customer needs

In addition to logistical requirements, customer expectations for delivery are also high in Great Britain: “For example, six out of ten UK retailers offer next-day delivery,” says J. Blaine, explaining the situation in Great Britain. For online retailers who want to succeed on the island in the long run, it makes sense to work with local carriers that are individually tailored to their business model. Thus, Seven Senders’ delivery platform gives e-merchants from the European continent access to a comprehensive local network through which they can enable their customers to deliver regular parcels.

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Returns management settings

Local carriers are also key to managing returns that meet customer needs. By connecting to the Seven Senders delivery platform, electronic jewelers can choose the carrier partner with the best network of delivery points. In order to reduce the effort put into Brexit export regulations, it also makes sense to return bulk and bulk goods to the EU. With MS Direct, returns are accepted into the warehouse, sorted and checked for completeness and quality. As in the case of imports, the process of paying export customs duties is also carried out collectively.

Improving data management as a prerequisite

Complete master data such as cargo, freight, carrier, invoice and customer information as well as IT-backed data management are essential requirements for smooth logistics and customs operations. Analytics tools such as the Seven Senders delivery platform are also valuable for having a complete overview of shipments at all times, assures Seven Senders Managing Director J. Plehn. He concludes: “With our data-driven platform as a foundation and MS Direct’s expertise in import and export, customs clearance and returns management, German e-dealers can navigate the Brexit bureaucracy in a convenient way.”


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