December 3, 2023

The shares of workers from third countries remain

The shares of workers from third countries remain

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Quotas for workers from third countries remain unchanged

The Swiss economy should also be able to hire enough skilled workers from outside the European Union next year. The Federal Council has set new maximum numbers for people from third world countries.

The Federal Council sets quotas for specialists from outside the European Union. (icon image)


After listening to the cantons and the social partners, the Federal Council decided on Wednesday to leave the quotas at today’s level. As a result, up to 8,500 specialists and skilled workers from third countries can be employed in the next year: 4,500 with a residence permit B and 4,000 with a short-term residence permit L letter.

Due to Great Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, the application of the Convention on the Freedom of Movement of Persons was suspended this year. So that companies in Switzerland can continue to hire skilled workers from this country in the future, the Federal Council decided to separate large numbers. In 2022, up to 3,500 UK workers could be employed: 2,100 with B permits and 1,400 with short-term L permits.

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