October 5, 2023

The Scottish boy was suffering from dementia at the age of six

The Scottish boy was suffering from dementia at the age of six

A six-year-old boy in Scotland has been diagnosed with dementia. He is now 13 years old, mostly in a wheelchair and can no longer say “mama”.

The basics in brief

  • Kayden Trainor was diagnosed with childhood dementia at the age of six.
  • The disease was manifested by memory loss and seizures.
  • His condition continued to deteriorate.

As is He was six years oldIn this case, doctors diagnosed Cayden-Treanor with Batten syndrome, also known as childhood dementia. The disease has turned his life upside down ever since – and it’s only getting worse.

first symptoms From the now 13-year-old boy he had amnesia and seizures. Later, his movement and vision began to suffer. His clinical picture was similar to that of his 80-year-old uncle, who died in 2021.

“My uncle was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago,” Cadence explains. Mother compared to the mirror. “If you put my uncle and Kayden in the same room, you can see that. My uncle happened to be the big kid who enjoyed the kids stuff. They both clapped at the same time and laughed, but they didn’t speak.”

The 13-year-old can no longer say “mama”.

The family does its best to stay positive. But this is easier said than done. “You have to take things as they come,” she explains. Mother.

One does not know what the future will hold for the boy who lives in Scotland. “The only word I can use in this context is degradation.”

He will lose his cognitive and motor skills. At some point he will not be able to chew, swallow and walk. 13 years did I already forgot how to say “mama”. call it Mother Now her first name is Val.

Did you know that children can develop dementia?

“He had a very good long-term memory,” Valerie Trainor explains. data And he was good at remembering birthdays. “He was an energetic, fun, extroverted and happy boy, like most six-year-olds. He climbed gyms in the woods in the park and rode his bike and motorbike.”

It baffled her when her son received his diagnosis. “In childhood dementia is rarely talked about,” says the 34-year-old. “Most of them automatically think that it only happens in the elderly.”

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