December 10, 2023

The science super yacht atomic

The science super yacht atomic

When it comes to research vessels, you don’t think about style and luxury – that’s about to change with Earth300. The superyacht is supposed to chase the great questions of humankind in the world’s oceans.

Futuristic design, a giant 13-story glass ball, high-tech laboratories and an army of scientists: it is immediately apparent that the “Earth 300” wants to be more than just an ordinary research vessel. Project of a Spanish design and engineering office specializing in luxury yachts Idis Yachting It sees itself as an effective advertising beacon project to protect the global environment.

Behind the idea is a team from Singapore led by 42-year-old project founder and CEO Aaron Oliveira. This expects that the knowledge-floating platform will be used early in 2025 in order to address the “greatest dangers to humanity”, as mentioned in the call. These include climate change, environmental pollution and the destruction of ecosystems.

Space for about 400 people

The vessel, which is 300 meters in length, 46 meters in width and 60 meters in height, is set to have all the equipment on board to deal with pressing environmental issues above and below the water surface. Among other things, 22 high-tech laboratories are planned including the latest in robotics and artificial intelligence technologies. In addition, the “Earth 300” could also be the first commercial quantum computer to sail across the oceans on a ship.

There is also space on the ship for a total of 200 scientists, students, artists, and 165 crew members. In addition, 40 VIP guests are allowed to settle in luxurious suites, which are supposed to keep the project going with millions of contributions.

The most prominent feature of the “Earth 300” will be the 13-story glass ball that houses the Science Park and at the same time aims to visually announce the abandonment of the ship. “We want the ball to encourage everyone to save our planet,” Oliveira said upon presenting the design. The ship should also encourage people to think more seriously about the climate.

Liquid salt reactor as a motor

The so-called molten salt reactor is planned to render the “Earth 300” completely emission-free. According to the “Earth 300” website, this type of nuclear energy is safe and sustainable and represents the future of propulsion technology in shipping.

Such as news and media by Bloomberg mentioned, The reactor will be certified within five to seven years at the earliest. This means that Earth 300 – if it is ready to go in 2025 – should initially be powered by synthetic fuels. Bloomberg also warns that some nations never allow nuclear powered ships to dock.

So far, the project has taken six years and cost five million US dollars, but it is now ready to build shipyards in Europe and South Korea to develop proposals for construction. After that, however, the biggest hurdle to the ambitious project is likely to emerge: for the investigation, donors who provide between $ 500 and $ 700 million have yet to be found.

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