The Russian spy will be extradited to Great Britain

Photo: German police officers in front of the British Embassy in Berlin, above dts

BERLIN (DTS) – A suspected Russian spy recently blown up in Germany is to be extradited to Great Britain. This is what Spiegel reported in its new issue.

An application to this effect was received by the competent public prosecutor’s office in Brandenburg, as confirmed by the authority upon request. In turn, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office accuses the man of transmitting information from his workplace at the gate of the British Embassy in Berlin to a Russian intelligence service since November 2020 at the latest. It is said to have been primarily British material, but information on Foreign Office personnel has been provided at least once. In return, he was said to have received cash in a hitherto unknown amount.

The suspect is a British citizen and the embassy worked as a local worker. If the allegations are confirmed, the man is one of a number of Russian spies recently discovered in Germany. The investigations against him by the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office were preceded by a joint operation between British and German security authorities. His lawyer says that the man does not want to return to his homeland under any circumstances.

He is silent about the allegations.

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