July 17, 2024

The relationship with the United States is ‘indestructible’

The relationship with the United States is ‘indestructible’

HANDOUT – Boris Johnson (R), Prime Minister of Great Britain, and Joe Biden, President of the United States, speak at a joint meeting prior to the G7 summit. Photo: Andrew Parsons


After his first personal meeting with US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the relationship with the US as “indestructible”.

He wanted to avoid the term “special relationship”, but Johnson emphasized in an interview with the BBC, published on Friday.

The two politicians met the day before the G7 summit in Cornwall, which runs from Friday to Sunday, for a private conversation. So far, London and Washington have invoked the “special relationship” between the two countries on similar occasions. But according to a media report, Johnson believes that makes his country look “weak and needy”. He wants to present the UK as a strong and independent representative on the world stage at the Conference of the Leading Western Economic Powers.

Ahead of the meeting, it was speculated that Biden might urge the British prime minister to settle a dispute with the European Union over the design of Brexit rules in Northern Ireland. Johnson said in an interview with the BBC that the president had not said anything of the sort. They had an excellent conversation.

It is doubtful whether Johnson has finally dispensed with speculation about a strained relationship with Biden. In any case, Johnson and Biden did not hold a joint press conference after their meeting. Even their predecessors, former Prime Minister Theresa May and former US President Donald Trump, did not dispense with it despite the deep resentment.

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