October 4, 2023

The reality star wants to dance with Ikat - but she has concerns

The reality star wants to dance with Ikat – but she has concerns

In the fifteenth season of “Let’s Dance”, Ekaterina Leonova danced with comedian Bastian Bellendorfer.Photo: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

Everyone wants Ekaterina Leonova! The Russian and professional dancer is one of the absolute favorites of the fans in “Let’s Dance”. Spectators were even sadder when they had to lay off in 2020 and 2021. But this year, fans’ calls were answered and RTL hired Ikat again for the 15th season of Let’s Dance. Her partner this year was comedian Bastian Bellendorfer, with whom she took sixth place.

But Ekaterina is not only a fan favorite, but also a favorite of some male stars. Recently, the star Andreas Gaballier impressed the 35-year-old. When asked about the woman of his absolute dreams, Andreas replied: “So it will be Ekaterina Leonova. She is funny, I would like to dance with her.” Another celebrity will not be averse to competing with Ikat on “Let’s Dance”.

Phillip Wickat together on “Let’s Dance”?

This is the king of the jungle Philip Pavlovich. During an Instagram Q&A session, the reality star was asked if she could imagine “Let’s Dance” with Ekaterina. Reply to his Instagram story: “Ready, Ekaterina? We already have a dance routine.” Additionally, he hooked up the dancer in his story.

Ekaterina republished the post on her account and commented on Philip’s statement as follows:

“I am always ready. But if you dare to train with me…”

It seems that Ekaterina Philippe does not trust her difficult training program. After all, Ikat isn’t exactly known for avoiding her dance partners. Most of the time, it was also successful: with Gil Ofarim (2017), Ingolf Lück (2018) and Pascal Hens (2019) she won “Let’s Dance” three times in a row for a reason. In addition to this, she won the 2019 Professional Challenge with Massimo Senato.

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And what does Ekaterina say about the progress of Andreas Gabaler? “Andreas is a lovable guy. And if he really wanted to dance with me, you might see him on the floor.”Her reaction when I asked her:pictureBy the way, Andreas Gaballier has an interesting relationship with “Let’s Dance”: his younger brother Willie is a star dancer and participated in the seventh season of the dance show.