The Qur’an’s Window on Science (Episode 1)

Tehran (IQNA) – In a special series produced by IQNA for the month of Ramadan 2022, the Islamic scholar Sheikh Dr. Jhjah Jahangiri Suhrawardi on the relationship between the Qur’an and science. Today we want to start with the introduction to this series.

The Qur’an’s window to science

Episode one: Introduction to the relationship between the Qur’an and science

In the Name of the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Peace be upon you, my dear brothers and sisters,

Welcome to the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of God’s mercy and blessings (glory be to Him). We are pleased to be with you during the holy month of Ramadan to discuss the Qur’an, Islamic teachings and desires. During the sections and episodes of our conversation, let us clarify the links between what the Qur’an teaches us regarding the position of science and scientific findings and how science evaluates the Qur’an and approaches the teachings of the Qur’an.

In this series we want to understand how the Qur’an has dealt with science over the past three or four centuries, and how science has evaluated the teachings of the Qur’an in such a way that we will find teachings from the Qur’an throughout the development of science. . The teachings of the Qur’an are revealed so that we can learn more and more truth from its teachings. In fact, science is evolving as long as we move forward. The science of tomorrow will be more advanced than it is today, and the science of today is more advanced than in the past – but the Qur’an does not change. The Qur’an – what we hold in our hands is what was revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) in his heart.

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One is striving and developing, the other is not moving. Does this mean that the Qur’an will be updated with the development of science and the application of scientific knowledge, and that the Qur’an does not have a new approach and teachings for sciences? When we look at these two matters, the Qur’an and science, we see that both are moving forward. It is clear that the Qur’an does not seem to change, but when we delve into the depths of the Qur’an, we see that its teachings are still progressing, and as long as science advances, the Qur’an will always be. in the foreground.

By the way, science is second only to the Qur’an. Let me put it this way in this first session: The Qur’an is a step earlier and more advanced than science in terms of scientific knowledge.

In the next episode, we will discuss how the Qur’an came early, why it does not change, and why science is advancing day by day.

Thank you for staying with us and watching us. Visit our next broadcast. Then we will talk more about the Qur’an and science.


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