June 20, 2024

Jill Gallard, Britische Botschafterin und ein Polizist stehen vor der Britischen Botschaft in Berlin. (Quelle: dpa/Janine Schmitz)

The Prosecutor General examines the request – the alleged Russian spy to be extradited to Great Britain

A suspected Russian spy recently exposed in Germany will be extradited to Great Britain. On Friday, the authority announced that the competent public prosecutor’s office in Brandenburg that Der Havel is currently studying a matching application. First of all, the magazine had “woman” I mentioned about her.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office had arrested an employee of the British Embassy in Berlin in August on suspicion of spying for Russia. It is said that David S. He handed over documents to a Russian intelligence service in exchange for money. According to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, British citizen S. He is not a diplomat, but he worked as a local employee of the embassy until his arrest.

According to British police, S. 57 years old. He is said to have sent documents to a Secret Service representative at least once, and is said to have obtained them through his professional activity. For this it is said that he received cash in an amount not yet known. His lawyer said – according to “Spiegel” – that S. He does not want to return to his homeland. He is silent about the allegations.

If the allegations are confirmed, S. is one of a number of Russian spies recently discovered in Germany. Only in June, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office arrested a Russian employee of a German university on charges of spying for Moscow. Only recently a German convicted of espionage in Berlin was said to have transferred plans for the Bundestag to Russia in 2017.

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