February 25, 2024

The player receives Diablo 4 as a Christmas gift, asks for advice — and gets better answers than you think

There's often complaining and complaining in the Diablo 4 subreddit. A gamer received an ARPG from Blizzard as a Christmas gift and is asking for tips on how to get started — and the answers are much nicer than you'd think.

Reddit is a popular place for Diablo 4 players. Some use the platform to complain about the limited field of view, while others criticize the summer world boss's appearance times because the posting times conflict with their regular business hours. Endgame content is also a recurring theme.

A player received Diablo 4 for Christmas and took to the subreddit to ask for tips on starting the game. Based on the topics, you might think the advice would be, “Just ask if you can trade the game.” But he actually gets a lot of good and useful answers.

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“Just get off the damn subreddit!”

What do the players answer? In this post On Reddit User “Mosasaurus999” wrote on December 25 that Diablo 4 was his first Diablo game and that he was “so excited” to play it with a friend. When he asks for tips and tricks for beginners, people give him one main piece of advice: Don't listen to haters who complain about the game.

Recommended by a user maxroll.gg to watch. The site is managed by experts who, among other things, create tier lists for builds in Diablo 4. User “acog” answers: “It's fun to experiment with builds. If you feel that your character is not strong enough, there are tier lists and detailed guides for both Level (1-49) and Endgame (Level 50-100).”

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ShadowSwoopz recommends staying away from this subreddit and enjoying the game your own way. He can use build guides, but he should stay away from this “damn subreddit”.

Other users recommend that he play the campaign first, as it is worthwhile and has cool scenes. One user advised him to reveal all of Lilith's altars, but he did not do so and regretted it greatly.

“allen_mglt” wrote: “Enjoy the game. […] You only need to equip items that have higher stats. And make sure your mouse is suitable for this, it takes a lot of clicking LOL.” Another user noted that you can also hold down the keys.

Other users advise him to just play. Join a clan, make friends and don't worry about loot.

But Reddit isn't always all about whining and complaining. Some players manage to make a negative community happy through their contributions. A player cheated on his wife in Diablo 4 and managed to lighten the mood in the negative sub through the story.