December 3, 2023

The personality cult around Kim Jong Un is getting crazier - Politics Abroad

The personality cult around Kim Jong Un is getting crazier – Politics Abroad

In December, he was in power for a decade: Kim Jong-un (37). And it seems that it is time for his own ruling ideology!

“Kimjongunism” is coming in North Korea!

This means that the personality cult around the Kim family should be limited to himself. Kim Jong-un became the only “Supreme Leader”. It’s the title that his grandfather – the “eternal president” of North Korea – Kim Il-sung, who died in 1994, continued to hold in his honor.

And Kim’s grandson goes even further: the photos of the grandfather and father (Kim Jong-il, died 2011) have been removed.

The special ruling ideology has a tradition in the Kim dynasty: previously, the ideology of “Kimjongilism” introduced by Kim Jong-us’ father was dominant, which replaced the “Kimlsungism” of Kim Jong-us’ grandfather. But so far the photos of the ancestors have not been removed.

Likely not in the future: Photos of Kim Il Sung (left) and Kim Jong IlPhoto: Cha Song Ho / AP

10 years to the leadership of Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un will be in power for exactly a decade in December 2021. During this time, he has increasingly made his mark in the country,” said North Korea expert Professor Dr. Rüdiger Frank.

Hopes for “collective leadership” were not fulfilled. According to the BILD expert, there were also no fixes.

“The dictator, who was still very young at the time, is not a puppet, as some analysts believed. He holds power firmly in his hands and is self-confident enough to expand the cult of personality.”

For the citizens of North Korea, this means stability on the one hand, but also dwindling hope for the long-awaited reform of the strict regime outlined by the great country,” said Professor D. sincere.

According to the expert, opening up to the West and the associated end of sanctions is unlikely.

The North Korean population suffers greatly from the Stalinist military regime and sanctions. As reported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), there is a food crisis in isolated North Korea – people are starving.

In addition, those who think differently are persecuted and killed. The North Korean leadership is already indoctrinating children with their ideology. The money available will go to Kim’s nuclear weapons programme. North Korea ranks last (worst) on the Democracy Index.

Poor, malnourished, fed: North Korean children

Poor, malnourished, ideologically fed: North Korean children, like this little kidPhoto: Reuters

And perhaps that will not change either: nothing is known about the new contents of the “Kimjongun” ideology. Above all, it’s the name. Explains Professor Dr. candid in the photo. This was the case before.

“But now we know what Kim Jong Un stands for. He did not reform the country. He did not stop persecuting opponents politically. He expanded the nuclear weapons program.”

This is where the money goes: North Korea's nuclear weapons program

This is where the money goes: North Korea’s nuclear weapons programPhoto: Kim Un Hyok / dpa

For the expert, it is clear: “The fact that all this will now be given a name and become an ideology probably does not mean that there will be a radical change of course here soon.”

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