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Just a few years ago, large-scale sales at the end of November were not popular in Germany, but for some time now there has been such a day in Germany in the run-up to Christmas. Whether in the online store or traditionally in retail – bargain hunters will surely find what they are looking for. Here, shopaholics can expect high discounts on a variety of merchandise, but what exactly is behind this development and where does it come from?

Discount promotion with American origin

As is often the case with special sales campaigns, this trend also comes originally from the USA: In the United States, National Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November – in terms of content, it is similar to German Harvest Feast . On this important holiday, family members and friends usually gather for dinner with a traditional turkey. For many Americans, this Thursday is the prelude to a long weekend with the family. The Friday following Thanksgiving is a precursor to the start of Christmas shopping at retail outlets. But where does the unusual name “Black Friday” come from in America? The exact origin is unclear, but various theories exist: The term was first mentioned in connection with pre-Christmas discount deals in Philadelphia in the 1960s. This derivation comes in the usual interpretations either from masses of people making their way through the streets and stores as a large crowd of blacks, or as a metaphor from accounting, because many stores expect particularly high “black numbers” in this heavily used shopping today.

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Various German names

In Germany, the discount campaign is often called a different name, because the term “Black Friday” is currently still registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office as a word mark – if merchants in this country use the protected term, it may lead to a warning. For this reason, there are many alternative names such as “Red Friday”, “Black Week” or “Black Weekend”, which nonetheless appear to refer to the original term.

In Germany, the alternative to “Black Friday” has become increasingly popular among customers since 2013. Unlike in the USA, in Germany such sale campaigns often take place not only on a specific day, but often stretch over several days. This has led to an increase in popularity in recent years and is gladly accepted by many customers. This year, sales began in mid-November.

There are discounts for a variety of goods

Jewelry, clothing, lingerie, small furniture, home accessories or electronics – any product range is rarely excluded from discounts. Because discounts are especially high during this period: many things are on average about 20 percent cheaper, but higher discounts of more than 50 percent are no longer uncommon. Nothing stands in the way of a successful shopping experience. There is

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