October 5, 2023

The northern lights can be seen in the next few days

The northern lights can be seen in the next few days

Such as US space agency NASA And the NOAA weather agency announced that the eruption sent on Thursday may be energy but also negative consequences to have. Radiation cannot harm people. But “if it is severe enough, it can disrupt the atmosphere in the layer where communication and GPS signals are being sent.” explained that NASA.

Also in Central Europe and America, the aurora borealis can be seen unusually. This is because high-energy particles can make certain atoms in Earth’s atmosphere glow. To be able to see the phenomenon, one must also do so weather Play along.

Solar flares are sudden bursts of radiation On our central star, where large amounts of high-energy particles are often thrown into space. If such a solar storm hits EarthThis could have serious consequences for satellites, communications systems, and power supplies.

Thursday’s eruption is ranked in the strongest Class X, but only given the lowest Class 1 out there. After explaining the file NASA An eruption of an X2 volcano is twice as powerful as the eruption that occurred now. Only from X10, that is, ten times as powerful, however, the space agency talks about an “extraordinarily intense” explosion.

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