December 3, 2023

The NFL plans to host a soccer match in Germany in 2023

The NFL plans to host a soccer match in Germany in 2023

NSGood news for soccer fans across Europe: As the National Football League (NFL) announced on Tuesday, the world’s best soccer league plans to host one of the matches of the season in Germany in the coming years. According to information from FAZ, a fall 2022 date is not on the table, internally the NFL is currently planning September or October 2023. Brett Gosper, NFL European President, spoke extensively about the project a few weeks ago in an interview with FAZ.

The NFL has now named Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf as potential cities for the so-called “regular season game”, i.e. a regular season game rather than a prep game. In further discussions, it must be determined by the end of the year which of the three German cities will be awarded to hold the main event.

Term of up to five years

All three cities enter the race with their own football stadiums, Frankfurt with Deutsche Bank Park with a total capacity of 51,500 spectators, Düsseldorf with the Mercure Spell Arena, which has a capacity of 54,600 spectators, and Munich with the Allianz Arena. The FC Bayern Munich stadium can seat 75,000 spectators. According to information from the FAZ, the Munich Olympic Stadium was also initially interested, but then declined to advance.

The NFL, which has held regular season matches in Great Britain since 2007 and has also been a guest in Mexico, expects a match in Germany to create a stronger bond with the German football fan community and thus a long-term increase in audience ratings and sales numbers in the business. Fan goods in this country. The collaboration with a German city was designed as the venue for one of the 17 games played by only the NFL team in each season for several years. According to reports, a period of four to five years is under discussion.

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The NFL has now confirmed the desire for a “long-term partnership.”