The next update to Oculus Quest 2 will provide wireless streaming for PC and 120Hz mode

Announces Oculus This wireless PC transmission, 120Hz refresh rate, and improvements from Infinite Office will be available for Oculus Quest 2 with software update v28, which the company says will be available soon.

Infinite Office is a feature that Oculus includes as part of Oculus Home that enables users to work in a virtual environment. With the update of version 28, Infinite Office has an experimental feature that allows users to add a virtual office where their physical office is located so that users know where to sit and place real physical objects without leaving VR. Quest 2 will also be able to show a virtual representation of the Logitech K830 keyboard, although Facebook says support for the visualization of more keyboard models will come in the future.

Another feature that comes with the update is the ability to wirelessly stream games or apps from a desktop computer. The Oculus invokes an Air Link wireless transmission function, called Link Cable, which allows the headset to be connected to a computer. The function works correctly only with some network settings. The instruction manual states that you need a good Wi-Fi network to have an acceptable experience and that the link cable still has the best visual quality.

Facebook says it hasn’t ruled out the possibility of bringing the Air Link to the original Quest at some point in the future, but says it is “focusing on improving the Air Link to get the best possible Quest 2 experience first”.

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