April 25, 2024

The new WhatsApp feature is here: users have been waiting for it for a long time

Communication via WhatsApp is easy and free. The new function now brings a huge advantage to many users.

MUNICH — WhatsApp has been constantly evolving since its founding in 2011. Updates and new functionality, such as group expiration, should make the chat service less cumbersome for its users. At the end of April, the popular social media platform is now fulfilling many users’ great desire for innovation. What information portal WABetaInfo Announced already has now become a reality.

New WhatsApp function: Chat service on four smartphones at the same time

WhatsApp On many smartphones at the same time? For a long time this seemed just a fantasy. But now the chat service is getting serious. WhatsApp can be used on multiple smartphones at the same time. The account can be played on up to four phones – also referred to as companion mode. This was announced by the meta party news service on Facebook Tuesday (April 25, 2023). Previously, use was limited to a smartphone with the corresponding phone number. An account can only be linked to one computer via WhatsApp Web at a time.

The new WhatsApp functionality has advantages for users – especially for business mobile phones

In a similar fashion, you will now be able to add additional phones in the future. This brings with it a number of advantages. It can switch between multiple smartphones without much sign-in and sign-out process. “Each linked phone connects independently to WhatsApp,” the company wrote in an official statement.

This ensures that your personal messages, media, and calls are end-to-end encrypted. If your primary device is inactive for a long period of time, we will automatically log you out of all companion devices,” WhatsApp explains. The feature should be available for all operating systems in the coming weeks.

As an added bonus, the same company mentions that, for example, in a small business, multiple employees will have seamless access to a business account from their device.

Companion status on WhatsApp: how does the new functionality work?

Connecting multiple mobile phones to one WhatsApp account is very easy. “You can now enter your phone number on WhatsApp Web to receive a one-time code. With this, you can activate Device Link on your phone without having to scan a QR code first,” says WhatsApp.

This is how it’s done:

  • Open WhatsApp on the phone.
  • Tap More options, then tap Associated devices.
  • Now tap on “Add Device”.
  • Open the phone.
  • Use your phone to scan the QR code on the device you want to add.

However, Android users will soon have to adjust to a new change: the navigation bar gets a new place. (mbr)

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