October 1, 2023

The new survival game breaks into the charts right away

The new survival game breaks into the charts right away

Survival game The Riftbreaker has become a real surprise on Steam. Photo: Exor Studios, Valve, Getty Images/golubovy.

The new game, The Riftbreaker, has been able to continue on Steam’s best seller list since its release. The interesting mix of survival, development strategy and role playing seems to be especially popular among PC gamers. Now let’s take a closer look at why this survival game has turned into a real surprise hit on Steam.

The new Steam King takes the throne

For PC gamers on Steam, there is always something new to discover and now the top sellers are spitting on it Brand new action game Which is worth a closer look.

Already observed during gamescom 2021, can rift From Exor Studios is now proving to be released and seems to have been well received by the majority of gamers.

wild mix Building, survival and action RPG It has great diversity. Dressed in a mecha suit, you travel through the so-called rifts and have to face an alien planet Huge enemy hordes Claim.

To get an impression of the action packed gameplay, check out this game tractor And:

The Riftbreaker: Release Trailer

What do Riftbreaker reviews say?

PC gamers on Steam seem to be particularly fond of the fast-paced action game. Currently, The Riftbreaker has a rating “Very positive” with 3800 comments.

Many compare the surprise Factory, but Tower Defense expands the scope of play. In addition, the Hacking and butchering part Great fun certified. Areas, buildings, and items to be constantly re-explored complete the action.

Currently, the game also has a nice gameplay Rabat launch Provided you’re game up October 21 For €26.99 instead of the usual €29.99. If you are not yet completely convinced of the purchase, you can easily go to Free demo Taste it.

Not every game on Steam turns out to be a hit, as this series of photos proves impressive:

Just Awkward: 8 Really Bad Steam Games
Start Photo Gallery(9 photos)

The new action game The Riftbreaker hits PC game lovers like a bombshell. The game quickly turns into a surprise hit and rises to the top of the best sellers on Steam.

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