June 14, 2024

The new smartphone now has the best cameras according to DxOMark

The new smartphone now has the best cameras according to DxOMark

Smartphones are often popular as an alternative to the camera because they are incredibly portable and easy to use. Now there is a change at the top.

DxOMark overall ranking

Which smartphone has the best cameras? To be able to answer this question completely impartially, having a look at a benchmark helps. The experts at DxOMark have been checking and testing smartphones for years, which is why their rating is so highly regarded.

It’s hard to get the best camera smartphones

So far, the Huawei P50 Pro was at the top of their ratings, which unfortunately was not particularly interesting due to the lack of Google services. Before that, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra was the best camera smartphone according to DxOMark (I had that too Listed in our Top 7 2021). Although the Mi 11 Ultra offered Google services and was officially sold in this country, it cost more than 1000 euros and was sold only a few months later.

Now Honor Magic 4 Ultimate is the new camera king among smartphones. Since Honor split from previous parent company Huawei, Google services are available again, but the smartphone will likely not be sold outside of China.

Two sensors 50 and two 64 MP

Honor Magic 4 Ultimate is equipped with a combination of four camera sensors on the back, each with its own task:

  • 50 MP wide angle, f/1.6
  • 64 MP ultra wide angle, f/2.2
  • 64 MP telephoto (3.5x zoom), f / 3.5
  • 50 MP f/2 . enhanced spectrum

The main sensor also stands out from the competition with its massive 1 / 1.12 inch size. Honor even claimsIt can rival 1-inch sensors and f/1.8 aperture due to the intensity of the light. In any case, DxOMark Magic 4 Ultimate gives “high quality photo results in all test categories and in all lighting conditions”.

Screen is also at a high level

The test subjects seemed to be particularly impressed with the night photography and zoom capabilities. Moreover, the Magic 4 Ultimate is “excellently suited for capturing the moment, especially for shooting action”, which in some way is the meaning and purpose of a smartphone. In addition to the cameras, the screen is also convincing, according to the benchmark, the Magic 4 Ultimate now has the best of the Android camp – only the screens in the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) are the best.

Unfortunately, DxOMark does not fit into the “Spectrum Enhanced” camera. According to Honor, this role should play above all in “complex environments such as fog” and learn more details than conventional sensors – but unfortunately there is not much information on this topic. It was first used in the Honor Magic V foldable smartphone that was introduced at the beginning of the year. The innovations in the Magic 4 Ultimate are the specially developed image signal processor, which should shine with more AI computing power, and the Magic-Log2 video format, which, according to Honor, allows 15 percent more dynamic range.

As mentioned above, it is likely that the Honor Magic 4 Ultimate will not appear in Germany. It will be available in China later this year and will cost the equivalent of around €1,150.

source: DxOMark